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OHS and Environmental protection

The employees workplaces safety is one of our key values.
Our goal is to protect the health and life of our employees and provide them with friendly and comfortable working conditions. We achieve this goal by using the best available systems and technologies:

  • we have implemented an OSH management system that provides safety at the workplaces,
  • we have secured machines and devices with covers,
  • we have introduced ergonomic solutions to reduce heavy elements carrying,
  • we have built a professional locksmith shop to reduce noise and dust at workplaces,
  • we organize programs aimed at promoting a healthy and safe lifestyle not only at work, but also in private life.

Our efforts were appreciated and in 2017 we received a commendation from the Pratt & Whitney group for working over 3 years without a serious accident.


We express our care for the environment by implementing state-of-the-art solutions that minimize pollution and the consumption of natural resources:

  • we use LED lighting in the production hall as well as in the social and office rooms,
  • we collect solar energy through a solar system and use it to heat usable water,,
  • we use rainwater for utility purposes,
  • we use tap water saving systems,
  • we segregate waste and recycle them.
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