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At Pratt & Whitney Tubes, we pay attention not only to the professional development opportunities of our employees, but also to the high standard of work. In addition to the salary, we offer a wide range of non-wage benefits to our employees.

Multisport Card

Each employee can get the Multisport card on preferential terms. We also subsidize cards for employees’ families.


As part of the company’s cafeteria, our employees get every quarter a guaranteed amount of money to be used in the chosen area: leisure, health and beauty, sport and recreation, entertainment or development and education.

Group insurance

We offer a group life insurance program that is adjusted to the needs of our employees.

Employee Pension Plan

Pratt & Whitney Tubes makes monthly contributions to the individual accounts of its employees at the Investment Fund Company. Money is set aside and invested for the future retirement of every employee who has joined the program. The Employee Pension Plan is under special state supervision.

The bonus systemy

We appreciate and reward our employees’ competencies and we are happy with our successes together. Our bonus system includes a quarterly bonus, a holiday bonus and a recognition program, thanks to which every successful employee can receive a reward from his superior or from Director General.

BenefitsIn Pratt & Whtiney

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