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The Code of Ethics that every UTC company in Poland obeys, including Pratt & Whitney Tubes, not only contains the rules that determine our activities, but also expresses fundamental values and defines the framework for making decisions.
The Code of Ethics call us to comply with UTC’s fundamental values, which are:

  • trust – we are open and transparent in what we do
  • respect – we treat others the same way we would like to be treated
  • honesty – we act in a fair and responsible manner
  • innovation – we use what we know to better understand what we do not know
  • perfection – we are not satisfied with good enough, we strive for the highest quality

The UTC Code of Ethics is available (in over thirty languages) on the UTC website at: Code of Ethics
Explanations to the Code can be found in supplements available on the UTC website at: Code Supplements
Any violation of the Code of Ethics is reported by employees to their supervisor, personnel manager, director, local ethics and compliance officer, or anonymously through the Ombudsman program.

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