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About company

Our products drive the world

We are not romantics. We are engineers. We look at the sky and seek for breakthrough solutions. We see our successes, innovative ideas and technologies that we are proud of. Our products drive the world.

At the plant in Niepołomice, near Krakow, we manufacture precision parts for aircraft engines. We work with difficult-to-cut materials and super alloys based on nickel and titanium. Since 2012, we have been part of the global corporation United Technologies (UTC) and we are the main supplier of the world leader in the design, production and service of aircraft engines of the Pratt & Whitney concern in the field of pipe assemblies.

At the end of 2015, we employed over 200 people, while today we have over 400 employees and we are still expanding the team. To meet the highest global quality requirements, as well as high standards in the field of ethics and occupational health and safety, we are constantly improving our production and we care for the development at all levels. We give employees a sense of certainty that allows them to calmly look ahead and see more. At Pratt & Whitney Tubes, everyone has space to perfect their work.

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