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Pipe assemblies

Are you wondering what are pipe assemblies? These are the pipes bent in a specific way, fitted with the characteristic details that you can see in the pictures under the text. They look inconspicuous, but, inter alia, thanks to them, modern aircraft engines such as Boeing 747, Airbus A329 NEO, Gulfstream G500 and Bombardier work efficiently.

Our company has over 1100 such assemblies in our portfolio. We produce them mainly through the following processes: CNC bending, nickel plating, TIG manual as well as orbital welding, brazing with gold-, silver- and nickel-base alloys and vacuum heat treatment. The piping for the fuel, oil, air and drainage systems that we manufacture creates a reliable and efficient bloodstream of the aircraft engine.

Our products are of the highest quality. This is confirmed by penetration tests and X-ray inspection that we perform on all of our assemblies.
The technologically advanced assemblies we create are used to conduct critical media for the operation of an aircraft engine.

We are currently making parts under two programs. Under the Legacy program we create pipe assemblies for engines:

  • V2500
  • PW4000
  • PW2000
  • GP7000
  • JT8D
  • GG8
  • PT6
  • PW100
  • PW30

We are also proud by manufacturing the elements for the latest generation engines from the NGPF (New Generation Product Family), such as:

  • PW1100 –JM,
  • PW1500,
  • PW 814/815.
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