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Lean Management

Working in accordance with the Lean Manufacturing philosophy, we strive to increase the value added to the product from the customer’s point of view and to eliminate all squandering that prolongs the production process.

By using a number of tools and programs that are designed to involve employees at every organizational level in improving the quality of manufactured parts and improving the functioning of the plant we care about the highest quality of our work.

Since the beginning of the company’s existence, we have been implementing ACE program (Achieving Competitive Excellence). It is an operating system that works in all UTC units in the world, which provides a uniform standard of product and processes quality. The ACE operating system uses many Lean Manufacturing tools within 13 ACE ™ tools, arranged according to specific criteria into a certification protocol.

Field operators use the following ACE tools in their daily work:

  • – 6S – keeping order
  • – QCPC – problem reporting sheet
  • – TPM – constant care for the good condition of the machines

In our work we also use commonly known techniques such as:

  • process mapping
  • brainstorm
  • passport system
  • MFA
  • Dive & Poka Yoke
  • VSM
  • 3P
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