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Personal development

The key to success at Pratt & Whitney Tubes are people. We support and invest in the development of our employees and also create good working conditions for them to improve their skills. Looking to the future and seeking for new solutions is what development means for us.

You can learn in a variety of ways. The ways we choose for our employees are:

We offer our employees a globally unique employee Scholar program, which enables them to study in any field at a university of their choice, offering a bachelor, engineer or master degree. As part of the program, we cover 100 % entry fees, tuition fees and the purchase of required books. Our postgraduate program funding is a response to the employee’s need to broaden knowledge in the field that includes their job. We adapt the language courses program and the internal and external training system to the type of work. Any employee can sign for them as part of improving their qualifications. Our technologists and engineers take part in trade shows and conferences, thanks to which they are up to date with all technical innovations.

It is in human nature to take up challenges. Nothing helps in development more than new experiences. Pratt & Whitney Tubes employees have the opportunity to implement projects independently, thanks to which they acquire new skills. In this way, they can enjoy work and share acquired skills.

Cooperation is a really essential element in any organization. The organizational structure of Pratt & Whitney Tubes is not complex and thanks to this individual departments cooperate with each other on a daily basis. Each of the company’s employees brings something valuable to our team. We try to make the most of the knowledge of our colleagues, not only those in our country, but also from other branches of the United Technology Corporation all over the world.

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