Workshops and scientific lecture for primary school students

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Work Safety Day

The event took place at our company car lot in September 2018. It has been planned for the whole day so that every employee could take part in it.
The main goal, besides having fun, was to refresh our knowledge and skills in the field of safety and ecology. Divided into smaller groups, we took part in first aid training course, tried ourselves in using a fire extinguisher and learned the principles of segregating waste. Thanks to the rollover simulator we had a chance to see for ourselves how the human body behaves during the car rollover while driving at a speed of 30 km/h. Although it was the biggest attraction of the whole event, not everyone had the courage to try it. Some people preferred to take part in a slalom wearing Impairment Goggles or see how their colleagues, equipped with appropriate fire protection, deal with extinguishing a simulated fire. Many people also took the opportunity to ask experts how smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors work.

At the end of the event participants received leaflets to consolidate their knowledge about safety and ecology.

We have a “golden” building

LEED – (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ) is an internationally recognized green building certification system.
The newly built Pratt & Whitney Tubes facility got LEED Gold certification, scoring 69 points, which is the highest score in Poland among UTC units. Our plant is therefore in third place in Poland in the category of industrial facilities, which at the same time means that we have used solutions in the area of pro-ecological design, use and maintenance of our building.
What’s more, the Pratt & Whitney Tubes building is the only ecologically certified facility in the Niepołomice Industrial Zone.

Thanks to LEED iur new building is:

  • ecological – all designed areas with greenery are covered with local greenery, perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions, which has eliminated the need for artificial irrigation and reduced or eliminated the need for chemicals. Leaving green areas and the use of openwork parking slabs helps with the absorption of rainwater on the area of the plot and reduces rainwater runoff. The use of environmentally friendly solutions that save water inside the building has significantly reduced its consumption. Vast energy savings have allowed CO2 emissions to be reduced.
  • comfortable – there are showers and a changing room for cyclists , as well as bicycle racks in the the facility, so that employees who want to commute to work in an active way feel comfortable. The building and finishing materials used were selected so as to reduce VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds), which has a positive effect on employee health and reduces allergies.
  • economical – a comfortable and safe for health building means higher employee productivity and reduced expenses related to sickness absence. The implementation of LEED solutions resulted in energy and water savings, while construction methods used allowed the recycling of a large amount of waste.

Over 400 people on board!

Due to the increasing demand on the global aviation market, and thus the increase in orders for aircraft engines, our team is also growing. A year ago, we worked in a team of 300 people, and in May 2018 the number of employees on board has exceeded 400. Because of that reason, one of our employees from the Pipe Assemblies Department, who joined our company as a 400th employee, received a symbolic bouquet of flowers from the Director General, and the rest of the crew celebrated this day with sweet strawberry cupcakes.

We are proud of how dynamically our company is developing and that it is enriched every year with new, valuable employees.

Jubilee of Pratt & Whitney Tubes employees

On November 10 we organized a celebration of the 5th anniversary of Pratt & Whitney Tubes employees working at United Technologies Corporation (UTC). We celebrated the jubilee at the Center of Sound and Word of Malopolska in Niepołomice, where over 100 employees have gathered. During the official part of the event the speeches were given by: Ryszard Broda – Director General, Tomasz Gąsłowski – Chairman of the Workers’ Council and Karolina Tucharz – Head of the Human Resources Department. Also, the video with wishes for P&W Tubes employees from the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada – John Saabas, was displayed.
During the ceremony, the employees were given a company aquamarine pin. This is a standard gift that UTC employees around the world are given on the occasion of five years of employment in the company. After the official part, the participants of the event were invited for a gala dinner. A Polish satirist, cabaret artist and stand-up comedian – Marcin Daniec, with his artistic performance has added splendor to the whole ceremony.

5th anniversary of Pratt & Whitney Tubes

In 2017, the company celebrates the fifth anniversary of Pratt & Whitney Tubes belonging to the UTC corporation.
On this occasion, in July this year, at the WKS Wawel stadium in Krakow, employees and their families had fun at the jubilee picnic. Children with flushed faces were jumping on inflatable constructions and on the euro bungee and also they had fun on the carousel. The “oculus” zone became a very popular attraction. It was a place where each participant of the picnic could virtually ride a roller coaster, pilot a plane and walk on a board hung on the edge of a skyscraper. There were also team games and sports competition organized. The host of the picnic – Director General of P&W Tubes Ryszard Broda together with the CEO of P&W Tubes Wojciech Wasik emphasized the fact that at the celebration of the first anniversary there were far fewer participants than on that day, which is a proof of how great our plant is developing. Having fun together with live music was preceded by cutting and eating a jubilee cake.


We have been operating our business in the Niepołomice Investment Zone since 2012 and we are increasing our production year by year. For over a year, our company has been making a huge progress in development, as evidenced by the double increase in employment and the introduction of a three-shift work system for some production workers. Due to the increasing demand on the global aviation market, and thus the increase in orders, P&W Tubes is expanding its plant and is planning further recruitments.

On September 5, 2016, the first works related to the expansion of the plant began, as part of which a new office building and 1,200 square meters of additional production hall area will be built. The company car park will also get bigger for another 100 parking spots.
Expansion of the Pratt & Whitney Tubes plant in Niepołomice – 2017.