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Work Safety Day

The event took place at our company car lot in September 2018. It has been planned for the whole day so that every employee could take part in it.
The main goal, besides having fun, was to refresh our knowledge and skills in the field of safety and ecology. Divided into smaller groups, we took part in first aid training course, tried ourselves in using a fire extinguisher and learned the principles of segregating waste. Thanks to the rollover simulator we had a chance to see for ourselves how the human body behaves during the car rollover while driving at a speed of 30 km/h. Although it was the biggest attraction of the whole event, not everyone had the courage to try it. Some people preferred to take part in a slalom wearing Impairment Goggles or see how their colleagues, equipped with appropriate fire protection, deal with extinguishing a simulated fire. Many people also took the opportunity to ask experts how smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors work.

At the end of the event participants received leaflets to consolidate their knowledge about safety and ecology.

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