Jubilee of Pratt & Whitney Tubes employees

On November 10 we organized a celebration of the 5th anniversary of Pratt & Whitney Tubes employees working at United Technologies Corporation (UTC). We celebrated the jubilee at the Center of Sound and Word of Malopolska in Niepołomice, where over 100 employees have gathered. During the official part of the event the speeches were given by: Ryszard Broda – Director General, Tomasz Gąsłowski – Chairman of the Workers’ Council and Karolina Tucharz – Head of the Human Resources Department. Also, the video with wishes for P&W Tubes employees from the President of Pratt & Whitney Canada – John Saabas, was displayed.
During the ceremony, the employees were given a company aquamarine pin. This is a standard gift that UTC employees around the world are given on the occasion of five years of employment in the company. After the official part, the participants of the event were invited for a gala dinner. A Polish satirist, cabaret artist and stand-up comedian – Marcin Daniec, with his artistic performance has added splendor to the whole ceremony.

5th anniversary of Pratt & Whitney Tubes

In 2017, the company celebrates the fifth anniversary of Pratt & Whitney Tubes belonging to the UTC corporation.
On this occasion, in July this year, at the WKS Wawel stadium in Krakow, employees and their families had fun at the jubilee picnic. Children with flushed faces were jumping on inflatable constructions and on the euro bungee and also they had fun on the carousel. The “oculus” zone became a very popular attraction. It was a place where each participant of the picnic could virtually ride a roller coaster, pilot a plane and walk on a board hung on the edge of a skyscraper. There were also team games and sports competition organized. The host of the picnic – Director General of P&W Tubes Ryszard Broda together with the CEO of P&W Tubes Wojciech Wasik emphasized the fact that at the celebration of the first anniversary there were far fewer participants than on that day, which is a proof of how great our plant is developing. Having fun together with live music was preceded by cutting and eating a jubilee cake.


We have been operating our business in the Niepołomice Investment Zone since 2012 and we are increasing our production year by year. For over a year, our company has been making a huge progress in development, as evidenced by the double increase in employment and the introduction of a three-shift work system for some production workers. Due to the increasing demand on the global aviation market, and thus the increase in orders, P&W Tubes is expanding its plant and is planning further recruitments.

On September 5, 2016, the first works related to the expansion of the plant began, as part of which a new office building and 1,200 square meters of additional production hall area will be built. The company car park will also get bigger for another 100 parking spots.
Expansion of the Pratt & Whitney Tubes plant in Niepołomice – 2017.